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Give your home the roof it deserves by calling the team at Melbourne Plumbing & Gutters. For over 10 years we have worked with homeowners living throughout the metropolitan area to extend the life of their roofing structure and the overall health of their home. Tailored to suit the particular needs and requirements of your roof we can conduct seamless roof restorations for Melbourne residents far and wide.

Whether you have a tiled or metal sheet roof our skilled roofing contractors can restore it to its former condition, saving you the hassle and the expense of having to deal with damage if it spreads throughout your roof’s structure.

Along with the physical improvements, our roof restorations also make your home look better than ever. Using vibrant colours and tones that can withstand exposure to harsh sunlight and UV radiation, our roof restoration solutions give your roof a new lease on life.

When should my roof be restored?
Your roof would normally need a restoration when your roofing material becomes old and weathered. Your tiles or metal sheeting will start to deteriorate and develop constant problems such as cracks, lifting, or worse, leaks. It’s recommended to invest in the restoration of your roof as soon as it’s needed, to avoid spending much more on a totally neglected roof in the long run.
Roof Restoration
Benefits of a Roof Restoration
At Melbourne Plumbing & Gutters we have improved the condition and quality of countless roofs across the city.
  • Increases the value of your property
  • Significantly improves the appearance of your house
  • Colour coating prevents further deterioration and slows the growth of moss and lichen
  • Protects your roof by ensuring it is weather resistant
  • Ensures longevity to your roof

Colorbond Roof Replacement Melbourne

Committed to delivering the highest quality roofing experience to our customers the team at Melbourne Plumbing & Gutters use only the best materials and replacement products available. Renowned for its durability and ability to keep its colour no matter what weather conditions it is exposed to, Colourbond is an outstanding material that can add value to your home and decades to your roof. To discover the many benefits of our Colourbond roof replacement for yourself Melbourne residents are encouraged to call us today on 0418 883 746.

Re Roofing Melbourne

Drawing directly on our years of experience the skilled and professional team at Melbourne Plumbing & Gutters know that keeping your roof in the best condition possible will extend the life of your home. To restore the condition of your roof our dedicated and safe team can complete comprehensive re-roofing throughout Melbourne without wasting time or money.Thanks to our extensive range of services and in-depth training you can trust our modern and effective solutions to give you confidence in the roof over your head. To find out more about our renowned services or to make a booking for our experts to come around to your place call us on 0418 883 746.
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